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Friends of Waterfront Seattle is a 501c3 not for profit responsible for fundraising, stewarding, and programming at Waterfront Park alongside our community – today and into the future.

About the Waterfront Park Project:

A 20-acre new public park stretching north-south from Belltown to Pioneer Square that will serve as: An invitation to reconnect to the water, to the mountains, to our city, and to one another and a place to share the stories that illuminate the multiple histories and cultures that define Seattle and must shape its future. This safe and welcoming public space created through active programming, 24/7/365 on-site public safety team to support a positive park experience, and by compassionately connecting people in need to social services and resources.

This new green waterfront will add hundreds of new trees and native plants to support the nearshore ocean habitat and to serve as a massive filtration system to remove pollutants from stormwater before it enters the sound.

Emerging out of 10 years of public comment, the completed design of Waterfront Park emphasizes connectivity — between people and place, past and present, sea and shore. This is a park for Seattle locals and visitors alike, with lively gathering spaces and year-round educational and recreational park programs celebrating the diverse cultures that define the Pacific Northwest.

A salmon-friendly seawall and expansive natural landscaping with biofiltration support a sustainable nearshore environment, building lasting connections between the city and Elliott Bay and creating an accessible and inspired new waterfront district. This extraordinary park is a tribute to the people, landscapes, and traditions that define Seattle.

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More details about the park:

Designed by James Corner Field Operations, Waterfront Park stitches together Seattle waterfront landmarks including the historic Pike Place Market, the Seattle Aquarium, Colman Dock, and the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Waterfront Park introduces new bicycle and walking trails along the shoreline, expanding Seattle’s robust network of bike- and pedestrian-oriented corridors.

The shoreline ecosystem and innovative, sustainable design is a key focus for Waterfront Park, helping support the environmental health of Seattle’s waterfront.

Throughout its history, Seattle’s waterfront has been shaped by its uses including ship building, fishing, canning, trading, and transportation. Waterfront Park represents the latest chapter in the history of this working waterfront as it evolves to meet a new cultural need for the larger Seattle community.

The first piece of Waterfront Park, Pier 62, is open. Construction will continue on the rest of Waterfront Park with completion in 2025.



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